Operations and Offices

Sophakama's geographical area of operation is Joe Slovo Township, Ward 41.  Currently its main administration office is in Kwa Dwesi, however the organisation is seeking alternative accommodation in the Joe Slovo Township to be closer to its operations.

At an operational level, the organization services the community out of 2 containers, 1 located in the grounds of the Joe Slovo Primary School and used as a feeding container and meeting room for volunteers.

Container 1

Container 1: Feeding Container with small kitchen in one room and larger meeting room for 26 volunteers who meet daily to sign in and do admin work.

Below: Victoria cooks for up to 250 children every day.


Container 2 is located just outside of the school and is used to a limited extent as an office but is not secure to keep computers and office equipment in.  In addition, there are no basic services at this container such as access to water, electricity or sewerage. 

Container 2

Container 2:  Used for meetings such as the HIV Support Group, Staff meetings with visitors including Funding partners and most importantly the DSD Social Worker weekly visits to provide counseling service to community members.  Also used as storage facility for toys.