Staff and Volunteers

Sophakama currently employs 3 full staff, the Programme Manager, Michael Matanzima who coordinates the day to day functions of the organisation, and a full time Finance Administrator, Brenda Lalela.  A recent addition has been the employment of a full time Data Capturer, Unathi Mhhungwini.

The organisation would not be able to operate without its volunteers.  Currently 25 Home Based Carers volunteers and 4 Peer Educators work for Sophakama.  The volunteers gather every morning Monday to Friday at the feeding container to sign in for the day before dispersing to their various clients.  They walk on foot over long distances to reach the average of 5 clients per day target that they must meet.  1 Cook is responsible for preparing the food daily for the children.  Our 4 Programme Focus areas are also coordinated by volunteer team leaders.